AHS 18 v 58 Kiwis

AHS had the first centre pass they managed to convert it into a goal despite both teams being very competitive from the start. Great linking and feeding into the circle by Kiwis made it challenging for AHS defence to get their hands to the ball. Accurate shooting from Kiwis pulled the team ahead.  The quarter ended 14-2 to Kiwis.

AHS came back onto the court determined to catch up on Kiwis. AHS maintained good speed up the court. However Kiwis came back fighting with interceptions from their defence making it difficult for AHS to convert to goal. This meant that Kiwis where able to keep their lead with the quarter finishing 11-28.

Consistent efforts from both teams right from the start of the 3rd quarter. However strong passes from Kiwis made it hard for AHS to get their hands on. Tight defending from AHS challenged every ball coming into the circle. Despite AHS best efforts the quarter ended 16-39.

Going into the final quarter kiwis could be confident in their lead. AHS were forced to shoot some long range shots due to Kiwi’s tight defence. Despite time being called for injury on the AHS team, they kept fighting till the final whistle. The quarter ended 18-58 kiwis. Players of the match were Astri Balfour for AHS and Karen McKay for Kiwis.