AHS captain Ami Maddison won the first centre pass of the game. Loungers only had a neat seven for the game, so they knew it would be a tough one for them. AHS safely scored the first goal of the game with strong passes up the court to their shooters Emma Sandison and Anja Kurtz. Loungers didn’t let this throw them off and their shooters Stella Oldbury and Louise Jamieson worked well around the circle to score the first goal for Loungers. Both teams worked hard till the end of the first quarter and it ended equal at 6-6.


Both teams knew the game could still go either way and that they had to work hard if they wanted to win. Both teams kept their players in the same positions and were ready to fight to pull ahead. Loungers centre Vicki Smith pushed herself to get a steal during the quarter to help her team pull ahead. AHS defenders Cara Leask, Hannah Robertson and Natalie Stevens worked hard in Loungers attacking third of the court to try stop as many feeds into the circle as they could. Despite AHS trying their best Loungers managed to pull ahead slightly and finish the quarter on Loungers 15 vs AHS 13.


AHS knew they still had a chance to catch up with Loungers during the third quarter. AHS defence were still determined to stop Loungers shooters from scoring and pulling ahead any further. AHS and Loungers showed no signs of giving up and it was goal for goal for most of the quarter. AHS gave a final push towards the end of the third quarter, with their defence being there to intercept as many passes as they could into Loungers’ shooters. AHS’ final push allowed them to pull ahead and finish the quarter on AHS 21 vs Loungers 20.


It was all to play for in the final quarter. AHS were ahead by one goal, but they knew this meant nothing to Loungers who were determined not to let AHS win. Shooters from both teams were under pressure not to miss a shot as every goal counted in the quarter. Neither team showed any sign of giving up, especially AHS defenders who were playing amazingly. AHS managed to pull ahead even more and win the game, with the final score being AHS 28 vs Loungers 24.


Players of the match were AHS Ellie Spence and Loungers Louise Jamieson.