AHS 38 V Kinetics 20

Both teams started off strong but AHS found their feet quicker with swift passes through mid-court by Abby Sandison and Ruth Morris where shooters Imogen Teale and Jodie Walterson was securing goals convincingly. The first quarter finished with AHS leading 10-6.

Kinetics defence came back strong with Louise Malcomson getting lots of interceptions and creating pressure on AHS attack. However AHS again was attacking and defending strong with defence duo Astri Balfour and Ava Leask working well in the circle. The second quarter ended 20-8.

The start of the second half began with a strong start from Kinetics with shooters Aimee Smith and Eliza Fullerton cooperating well in the shooting circle. Kinetics were picking up AHS’s loose balls. However shooting from AHS’s shooters were too strong with accurate shooting and the quarter ended 29-13.

The last quarter started with both teams wanting the ball. Kinetic’s Carina Mclatchie was playing very well right until the very end despite her injury. Determination from both sides ended the game 38-20 to AHS. The players of the match for AHS was Jodie Walterson and for Kinetics Kirsti Grant.