AHS 43 V SFC Filsket 49

Both teams started strong but excellent play from Filsket resulted in them finishing the first quarter with a score of 12-10. In the second quarter AHS came back strong with shooters Jodie Walterson and May Young securing many goals for the team, but Filsket put up a hard fight and managed to stay ahead, with the score ending at 27-21 in this quarter. Brilliant shooting from Filsket made it very tough for the AHS defenders, but they never gave up, the third quarter ended at 39-32. AHS and Filsket both continued to try their best and were determined to win. Ava Leask from AHS worked well in defence, managing to get many interceptions. Throughout the entire game Filsket were able to stay on top and secured a win for the team. The game ended at 49-43. Players of the match were Abby Sandison for AHS, and Sonja Kurtz for Filsket.