All Sorts 36 V Challengers 49

Challengers opened play with the first centre pass however it was All Sorts who were able to convert this to the first goal of the match.  Strong passing and linking of All Sorts attack Rachel Young (C), Alexis Jamieson (WA), Kayleigh Gear (GA) and Michelle Latto (GS) ensured all of their centre passes were converted to goals.  All Sorts took the first quarter 12 goals to 10.

Challengers had a very strong second quarter with shooters Marie Irvine and Danielle Johnson rarely missing the net despite the best efforts of All Sorts defence Chloe Howarth (GD) and Terri Malcolmson (GK).  Challengers took this quarter 28-17.

The third quarter continued to see Challengers in control.  There was strong linking play between their attacking players Cara Montgomery (C), Holly Jamieson (WA) and Danielle Johnson (GA) at each of their centre passes.  All Sorts also continued to have strong play from each of their centre passes however they were unable to convert every shot at the net into a goal.  Challengers increased their lead 41-26.

All Sorts had a strong final quarter however the gap in scoring was too great.  Challengers were victorious taking the match 49-36.  Players of the match were Kayleigh Gear for All Sorts and Cara Montgomery for Challengers.