Allsorts 25 V Mishaps 31

The first quarter saw strong passes from Mishaps C Kelsey Robb to GA Alicia Hunter and WA Suzanne Manson who worked well together to get the ball into the circle. Allsorts defence team of Kayleigh Young, Terri Malcolmson and Emma Shewan worked tirelessly around the circle to try stop Mishaps but their shots were on target and they took the lead 11-2.

Allsorts were keen to close the gap so changed a few of their players around whilst most of the Mishaps team stayed the same. Allsorts WA Alexis Jamieson got many of C Rachel Young’s passes to help get the ball up to Allsorts net to shooters Kayleigh Gear and Meghan Henry. This helped Allsorts close the gap and the second quarter finished 16-7.

With the score gap slowly closing both teams came on the court rearing to go. Mishaps defence team of Chloe Nicolson and Elian Gair making it difficult for the Allsorts shooters Kayleigh Gear and Meghan Henry to get close to the post. Mishaps got many of the rebounds and C Kelsey Robb used her speed to get into spaces to get the ball up to their shooters Morgan Henderson and Alicia Hunter. With goals nearly end to end the third quarter ended 24-15 to Mishaps.

Mishaps GD Elaine Gair was keen to maintain their lead so made the final quarter hard for the Allsorts shooters however Michelle Latto and Rachel Young worked well together with Alexis Jamieson and Hannah Wright around the circle to close the gap even more however Mishaps kept the lead winning the game 31-25. Players of the match were Alicia Hunter for Mishaps and Kayleigh Young for All sorts.