Scallywags 22 V Yell 38

Wednesday night saw the Division 2 play-off between Scallywags and Yell to decide who would be crowned the winners of the pre-Christmas league.  Yell won the toss and opted to take the first centre pass of the match which saw them get their first goal.  With both teams settling quickly and fighting hard for every […]

Mishaps 22 V Unst 32

The game started out neck and neck stayed this way for the quarter. End to end play with Unst and Mishaps equally sharing possession of the ball. Mishaps shooters starting strong with next to zero misses and Unst defending hard. This quarter ended 5-5. The second quarter saw no team take the lead. Both teams […]

Da McEwans 25 V Dutch Courage 38

The first quarter was a very close affair as both teams settled into the match, Dutch Courage just edging the quarter 7-6. Dutch Courage took control of the second quarter, with strong attacking play from Kate Wills and Vaila Robertson into shooters Alison Anderson and Julie Nisbet, who were scoring from all around the circle. […]

Yell 44 V All Sorts 31

Yell started strong coming ahead with accurate shooting from Stephanie Keith (GA) and Freya Hannay (GS). Continued fluid movement in and around the circle by Yell’s attack led to comfortable lead for them at half time. Not to be disheartened All Sorts made some effective changes to dominate the 3rd quarter, accurate shooting from Kayleigh Young (GA) […]

Challengers 35 v Hotfooters 21

First quarter started with a Hotfooters centre. Good mid court play from both teams linking into their shooters, who rarely missed the net, enabled the first quarter to have some good competitive play. Both teams knuckled down to gain possession however first quarter ended in a tie 8 all. Second quarter started with a switch […]

SFC Filsket 32 V AHS 46

AHS were first to settle and find their rhythm. Jodie Walterson (GA) and May Young (GS) shooting exceptionally in the opening quarter, rarely missing a shot. SFC Filskets circle defence of Sarah Kay (GK) and Kayti Jeromson (GD) had a hard first quarter trying to break the momentum of the shooting duo. Filsket made a […]

Kiwis 38 V Ness 27

Kiwis took to the court with the first centre. There was scrappy passing from both teams as they settled into the game however fast movement from Kiwis shooters Zoey Symington (GA) and Dawn Manson (GS) saw Kiwis score the first goal. Ness fought tirelessly for every ball and saw Tahlia Leslie (GA) moving well in […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 61 V Ness Hotshots 23

Tullochs had the first centre pass. As soon as the first whistle blew both teams showed determination to defend and attack. Tullochs needed to win this game to win the division. Ness Hotshots are a young, fast team. They showed great skills and super defending from the start. It was quite a close first quarter […]

Dutch Courage 33 v All Sorts 24

The game was very slow in getting started with the first goal taking until the third minute to be scored, the first quarter finished with Dutch Courage taking the lead with a score of 6-4. The second quarter saw some great interceptions from both teams, the pace of the scoring picked up and with on point shooting […]

Challengers 52 V Delting 14

Challengers started the game with the first centre pass and quickly converted it into a goal. First quarter ended 11-4 to Challengers. Challengers kept up the pressure to end the second quarter 26-6. Third quarter ended 39-8 to Challengers. Despite Deltings determination in defence Challengers dominated the game and it ended 52-14. Players of the […]