Dutch Courage V Allsorts

Allsorts could not field a team and the points were awarded to Dutch Courage.

Hotfooters 21 V McEwans 23

Hotfooters won the first centre pass but a slow start from both sides saw the first goal only after a few minutes. Emily Henderson’s GS accurate shooting got Da McEwans on the scoresheet, followed quickly by Niamh Paton GS for Hotfooters. End to end play kept the score even with both teams working hard for […]

Ness Hotshots 27 V Unst 33

The game started with strong play from both teams. Unst’s Centre Irena Polson and GA Alana Johnson worked well together to get a slight lead against Hotshots. Hotshots Kelsea Blades, Molly Nicolson and Freya Leslie ensured that they kept in the game getting the ball up to the shooters leaving the quarter 7-10. The second […]

Scallywags 35 V Wastside 33

Scallywags took the first centre in what was to be an even, well fought match. The first quarter saw a lot of end to end play, with accurate shooting from both teams. Scallywag’s midcourt were linking well together to feed accurate passes into Anne Marie Robinson and Eden Wadley, who were being carefully marked by […]

Ness 23 V SDS Kiwis 45

Very good, but fast play from both teams. Ness duo Tahlia Leslie and Estella Smith we’re on point in the circle, rarely missing a shot. Kiwis were quick to intercept any loose balls with Sanna Aitken providing lots of support up the court and into their shooters. The first quarter was very close, ending 10-8 to […]

Loungers 38 V SFC Filsket 26

It was Loungers to take the first centre and they started strong, not long after the first whistle they conceded their first goal. Filsket were fast to react and started as they meant to go on, with tight defence and fast play over the whole court. Both teams maintained this energy but with Loungers getting […]

Kinetics 20 V Whalsay 40

The first quarter has Kinetics scoting the first goal with Whalsay quickly replying. End to end play followed with both teams constantly scoring. Great interceptions from Ella Robertson in the mid court interrupted Whalsay’s flow. The first quarter ended 8-2 to Whalsay. The 2nd quarter had a change of position for both teams and gave […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 60 vs AHS 29

The game started off with some fast paced play but it was Tullochs that were the first to settle with some accurate shooting from Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan. The AHS team were working hard in defence with Ruth Morris playing out of her usual position but she gained some valuable interceptions and tips which […]

Delting 18 V All Sorts 31

Delting’s Ashley Hay took the first centre pass of the game. It took a while before the first goal was scored with the ball going from one end of the court to the other. All Sorts Alexis Jamieson and Kayleigh Gear worked well together in attack. Charlotte Slater, Goal Keep for Delting, was able to […]

Dutch Courage 36 v Mishaps 51

Dutch Courage took a moment to find their feet as Mishaps set a fast paced rhythm but by the end of the first quarter they were only 2 points behind. Vaila Robertson WA for Dutch Courage made some speedy links between Kate Wills’ centre passes and Alison Anderson in at GS. Alison executed some impressive […]