Unst 28 V 16 Yell

The North Isles derby is always a highly anticipated match with both Isles teams hoping that they will be the team to come out on top. The match started off with uncharacteristically calm play and Unst claimed the first 4 goals without answer from Yell. Erin Spence at GA for Unst used her speed around […]

Johnson Jaguars 28 V 35 Scallywags

The game started as a very scrappy affair with both teams taking a while to settle, resulting in the ball going up and down the court a few times before a goal was scored. This resulted in a low scoring 9-8 quarter in scallywags favour.  Scallywags settled the quickest in the second quarter with some […]

Wastside 32 V 5 Dutch Courage

Wastside took the first centre and settled quickly into the match. Erin Burgess showed versatility in a new role as goal shooter and combined well with Mhari Drozdowska, as goal attack, to gain an early lead. Dutch Courage centre, Carla Johnson, was working hard, showing pace and linking well with WA Anja Leslie. However, Wastside […]

Challengers 18 V 35 McEwans

Da McEwans started the game with the first centre pass and quickly converted it into a goal. The quarter was fast paced with good mid court play from Da McEwans centre Jenny Jamieson and WA Nicola Polson. The quarter ended 8-5 to Da McEwans.  The second quarter saw both teams determined to gain the lead. […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 61 V 22 AHS

From the first quarter, it was clear this was going to be a very fast paced match, with good turnovers from both teams to keep the match competitive. Strong defence from Tulloch’s Emma Leask and Ava Williams made it difficult for AHS, reading the game well and picking up any loose balls. Good support around […]

Loungers 33 V 23 Whalsay

The 1st quarter started with some lovely passing up the court by the Loungers team.  Whalsay GK Lara Kay worked tirelessly around the circle picking up all rebounds, making it difficult for Loungers to score.  Super defence from Loungers forced Whalsay to make lots of passes around the circle.  However, Debbie Irvine was undeterred, producing […]

DFDS Kiwis 39 V 14 SFC Filsket

Kiwis had a solid start to the first quarter, with strong linking play into GS Rhianne Colvin who was shooting accurately. The Filskit defence duo of Kayti Jeromson and Sarah Kay were working tirelesly to halt the pace of shooting duo Louise Jamieson & Rhianne Colvin, but Kiwis took a strong lead ending first quarter […]

Mishaps 29 V 51 Johnson Jaguars

Jaguars won the first centre pass.  The game started with some quick play and some great shooting from Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson saw Mishaps pull forward in the lead.  Jaguars Centre, Jodie Sandison and WA Ruth Morris worked well in the centre court allowing the team to pull back and end the first quarter […]

Mishaps 30 v 42 Scallywags

The first quarter started very even with end to end play from both teams. A very fast paced and strong game with accurate shooting from both sides. Kayleigh Dade matching goal for goal to Scallywags Anja Kurtz leaving the first quarter very even with Scallywags one goal ahead 7-6.  Mishaps made a few changes and […]

Dutch Courage 16 V 57 Johnson Jaguars

Johnson Jaguars were quick to settle into the game, dominating play in the first quarter. Their defence were strong, taking advantage of any loose balls and making interceptions to gain possession. Megan Nicolson (GA) and Rachel Young (GS) capitalised on this to secure Johnson Jaguars a strong lead.  By the second quarter Dutch Courage began […]