Challengers V Yell

Challengers could not field a team and the points were awarded to Yell.

SFC Filsket 38 – 16 Kinetics

SFC Filsket started strong with first centre pass. A good combination of accurate shooting from Lisa Emslie (GA) and Kelsey Tulloch (GS) and a solid defence from Kayti Jeromson (GK) and Kristen Jeromson (GD) gave Filsket the lead in the opening quarter. Liza Henderson (GA) stood out for Kinetics with good attacking play but also […]

Tulloch Tornadoes 43 V 42 Whalsay

Both teams started strong, with good shooting from both Tullochs and Whalsay. Strong defence from Whalsay’s Natalie Constable and Lara Kay put pressure on Tullochs shooters to score. However Tullochs accurate shooting from Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan got strong goals throughout the first quarter, ending the quarter at 11-7 to Tullochs. The second quarter […]

AHS 18 v 58 Kiwis

AHS had the first centre pass they managed to convert it into a goal despite both teams being very competitive from the start. Great linking and feeding into the circle by Kiwis made it challenging for AHS defence to get their hands to the ball. Accurate shooting from Kiwis pulled the team ahead.  The quarter […]

Dutch Courage 35 V Delting 11

Dutch Courage opened what was to be a stream of shooting. Emma Burgess (GD) worked tirelessly to defend against Delting’s attack in the circle with the quarter ending 9-1 to Dutch Courage. In the second quarter Delting made some swift short passes with Niamh Batty (WA), Rona Clark (GA) and Lily Rendall (GS) linking well […]

Mishaps 34 V Hotfooters 28

It was a very closely fought game from the offset, with both teams giving it their all. The first quarter saw Hotfooters come out strongly, attacking well and feeding the ball quickly into shooters Megan (GS) and Niamh (GA) who rarely missed a shot. Going into the second quarter drawing 6-6, Mishaps upped their momentum […]

Ness Hotshots V Challengers

Challengers could not field a team and the points were awarded to Ness Hotshots.

Ness 28 V Kinetics 34

The match got off to a quick start, a bit frantic at times with a few turnovers from both sides. Some strong work from both sets of defenders made it difficult in the circle, and saw Kinetics go into the 2nd quarter 8-7 up. A few changes in the second saw Kinetics pull further ahead with […]

Filsket 29 V Kiwis 45

The first quarter began very close with both teams fighting strong, Kiwis took the lead at the end of the quarter 7-12. Filsket came back on court determined to close the gap however Kiwi’s defence were making it difficult for Filsket’s midcourt. Despite some good passing and interceptions by Filsket, Kiwi’s shooters found their feet […]

Whalsay 49 v AHS 36

The first quarter saw end to end play with both teams linking well up the court. Whalsay gained a slight lead through excellent defensive play with Natalie Constable & Karis Leask making key interceptions. In the second quarter AHS settled well, with some great mid court interceptions and shooting from Imogen Teal & Jodie Walterson […]