Ness 31 V Loungers 41

Fast start from both teams, Loungers pulling ahead in the first quarter with tight defence from Claire Johnston and Jennifer Thomson. Ending the first quarter 11-9 to Loungers. Good play from both teams, middle court players working hard to get the ball into the circle. Ness duo Tahlia Leslie and Estella Smith rarely missing a […]

Hotfooters 31 V Dutch Courage 43

A fast paced start gave Hotfooters an early goal lead with Shaina Douglas scoring in the first minute.The well-linking mid court from Dutch Courage of Vaila Robertson, Kate Wills and Sonja Jamieson however soon gave the opposition a draw through goal shoot Alison Anderson. It was end to end goals with sharp fast passing into […]

All Sorts 36 V Challengers 49

Challengers opened play with the first centre pass however it was All Sorts who were able to convert this to the first goal of the match.  Strong passing and linking of All Sorts attack Rachel Young (C), Alexis Jamieson (WA), Kayleigh Gear (GA) and Michelle Latto (GS) ensured all of their centre passes were converted […]

Delting 7 V Unst 40

Unst took the first centre pass for the game. Delting started the game with only 6 players his allowed the Unst attackers a great deal of movement. Delting’s defender Jenna Mowat was working hard getting many intercepts giving Delting turn over the ball but were however unable to convert them. Ashley Symington for Unst was […]

Scallywags 32 V Mishaps 20

The first quarter was fast paced with both teams getting goal for goal. Scallywags shooter Ann-Marie Robinson and Christie Arthur were working well together and helped Scallywags to take the lead 8-5 by the end of the first quarter. Mishaps continued to fight against Scallywags with Mishaps Kelsey Robb (C ) showing some excellent play […]

Mishaps – Delting

Delting could not field a team and the points for this match were awarded to Mishaps.

Yell 25 – Challengers 33

Challengers took the first centre pass and quickly scored the first goal. The game was fast pace from the beginning leaving no room for error; any loose balls were quickly turned over. Challengers WA Holly Jamieson and C Cara Montgomery linked really well around the shooting circle with Yells defence GD Alice Jamieson and GK […]

Da McEwans 27 – Mishaps 49

The first quarter started quite evenly between both teams as they settled into the game. The Mishaps were playing a strong attacking game and it was evident that shooters Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson were not in the mood to miss, giving them an 11-8 lead at the end of the quarter. They continued to […]

Unst 38 V Dutch Courage 30

Both teams came on the court ready for the first game back after the October break. It was even end-to-end play. Unst settled quicker with their defensive circle of Linda Thomson at GK and Ashley Symington at GD making it ever harder for Dutch Courage’s attacking team of Kathleen Robertson and Vaila Robertson to get […]

Scallywags 33, All Sorts 18

There was a frantic start to the match, with both teams taking a while to settle. As Scallywags play became more decisive, it brought them an early lead of seven goals. Scallywags Centre Rowan Nicolson and WA Anne Leask worked well together getting passes forward to GA Anne-Marie Robinson. Despite tight marking and many interceptions […]