Scallywags 40 V Yell 28

Scallywags won first centre but a great interception from GD Kerry Nicholson led to Yell getting the first goal despite strong play from Scallywags GK Judy Hamer. Yell were quick to capitalise on any errors keeping the score close for the first half of the quarter. Scallywags began to settle into the game with Chloe […]

Wastside V Challengers

Wastside could not field a team so the points were awarded to Challengers.

Kiwis 31 Kinetics 2

(Half time score. Fair play rule was used for remainder of the game.) Kiwis got off to a quick start with Dawn Manson showing accurate shooting from the get go. A good interception from Karen Mackay in the mid court won the ball back for Kiwis however with determined defending from Shannon Stevenson in the […]

Whalsay 34 V Loungers 40

Whalsay took first centre pass and worked the ball patiently to score the first goal. The first quarter continued with end to end play. Good linking up court by both teams made it difficult for the defenders to steal possession. Stella Oldbury positioned well in the shooting circle, rarely missing a shot from all areas […]

SFC Filsket 36 – AHS 45

It was clear from the first quarter that this was going to be an evenly contested match between SFC Filsket and AHS. The first quarter ended 10-7 to Filsket. The Filsket defensive duo of Kayti and Kristen Jeromson put the pressure on the AHS shooters – May Young (GS) and Jodie Walterson (GA) – they […]

Ness 25 V Tulloch Tornadoes 49

Both teams were slow to start but both defence ends were on the ball and picked up rebounds which resulted in end to end play. Victoria Duthie at GD for Tullochs made Ness’ GA Tahlia Leslie’s job very hard in the circle. Ness’ GK Ruth Christie picked up many interceptions and communication with GD Ailish […]

Hotfooters 36 v Dutch Courage 33

The game began with Dutch Courage moving rapidly up the court and into the circle with Sadie Meadows WD, Kate Wills C and Vaila Robertson WA linking well to secure a couple of early goals. Hotfooters soon gained control and slowed the game down using Isla Murphy C, Kara Grant WA and Jodie Kerfoot WD […]

Mishaps 38 v McEwans 29

Mishaps won the first centre pass and started with some strong play.  Alicia Hunter (GA) and Morgan Henderson (GS) working well together in the circle around the McEwans defence.  Mishaps were leading at the end of the first quarter 12-5. The second quarter saw both sides settle into the game with some fantastic play from […]

Yell 35 V Challengers 38

It was an even start to Challengers vs Yell game with good defence from both teams making the first quarters’ centres long and well fought. Challengers worked the ball well up court but Yell’s defence Kerry Nicholson (GK) and Lesley Strachan (GD) kept taking the ball back to Yell. It was very even play from […]

Ness Hotshots 35 V Wastside 36

The game started with fast play from both teams. Wastside’s Julie Crossan and Natasha Tulloch worked hard together to get the first few goals in to take the lead. Hotshot sisters Megan and Molly Nicolson worked equally as hard to make sure Hotshots gained a few back leaving the first quarter 9-12 in Wastside’s favour. […]