Da McEwans 27 – Mishaps 49

The first quarter started quite evenly between both teams as they settled into the game. The Mishaps were playing a strong attacking game and it was evident that shooters Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson were not in the mood to miss, giving them an 11-8 lead at the end of the quarter. They continued to […]

Unst 38 V Dutch Courage 30

Both teams came on the court ready for the first game back after the October break. It was even end-to-end play. Unst settled quicker with their defensive circle of Linda Thomson at GK and Ashley Symington at GD making it ever harder for Dutch Courage’s attacking team of Kathleen Robertson and Vaila Robertson to get […]

Scallywags 33, All Sorts 18

There was a frantic start to the match, with both teams taking a while to settle. As Scallywags play became more decisive, it brought them an early lead of seven goals. Scallywags Centre Rowan Nicolson and WA Anne Leask worked well together getting passes forward to GA Anne-Marie Robinson. Despite tight marking and many interceptions […]

Whalsay 43 – Ness 33

It took a moment for both teams to settle into the game with scrappy play and unforced errors but Whalsay managed to pull ahead. Shelley Anderson and Karis Leask kept tight on their players and picked up any loose balls for Whalsay and at the end of the quarter, the score was 9-6 in Whalsay’s […]

Filsket 10 – Kiwis 30

Filsket took to the court, with a weakened side, aware of the challenge they were going to face against a strong Kiwi side.As a first quarter score of 6-3 suggests, the quarter was competitive with neither team making it easy for the opposition. All players were applying pressure to their opponents and had to work […]

Loungers 65 v Wastside 14

The game started at fast pace and Wastside had great linking play in centre court from C Aimee Keith and GA Julie Odie making Loungers work hard. Loungers continued to pressure Wastside and with their strong defence duo of GK Louise Moar and GD Claire Johnston they forced Wastside to work the ball around the […]

Kinetics 6 – Tulloch’s Tornados 29

Kinetics had first centre pass but TT quickly took possession and converted to a goal. The game continued in this same fashion, with some super mid court play from TT. Ava Williams and Leanna Jamieson were constantly putting pressure on the Kinetics attacking play and scooped in some lovely interceptions. Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan […]


The first quarter started off with even play from both sides, but quickly SFC Filsket’s attacking combinations and immaculate shooting shone through. Wastside’s defensive combinations of Sarah Sandison and Mairi Williamson made some good interceptions and C Aimee Keith worked it well up the court, but filsket’s defensive combination of Kayti Jeromson and Sarah Kay […]


Both teams took a while to settle in, 3 minutes later the first goal was scored. Scallywags (C) Anne Leask and (WA) Bethany Moar worked well together to allow their shooters to gain an 8 goal advantage going into the second quarter. Dutch Courage put up a good fight, with great interceptions from (GK) Laura […]


Hotfooters defenders Ella Robertson GK and Tabitha Johnson GD made shooting difficult for Mishaps in the first quarter and some excellent interceptions from Johnson in particular saw the ball turn around and race up the court to be delivered into the safe hands of Shaina Douglas (GA) to give Hotfooters a 7 point lead. In […]