Challengers 19 v 28 Wastside

Challengers 19 v 28 Wastside

The first quarter started with quick play from both teams as they settled into the game. Wastside defenders worked well to keep the ball away from Challengers shooters and helped move the play up the court to their shooters Erin Morrison (GS) and Mhari Drozdowska (GA). Despite Challengers defenders working hard to intercept passes into the circle and get every rebound the first quarter finished 4-6 to Wastside.

The second quarter saw some quick centre court play with each team fighting to get the ball to their shooters. Challengers fought hard to close the gap in the score. Evie Williamson (WD) and Audrey Irvine (GD) worked hard with Sarah Groat (C) to keep the ball away from Wastside shooters but

accurate passing from Courtney Young (WA) and Erica Mikolajczak (C) resulted in Wastside keeping the lead at the end of half time 9-10

The third quarter started with Holly Jamieson coming on as centre for Challengers, she worked well with Sarah Groat (WA) to get the ball into shooters Valerie Sales (GA) and Alison Irvine (GS). Wastside defenders Bronwyn Walterson (GD) and Sarah Sandison (GK) intercepted every rebound and quickly moved the ball back up the court to their shooters. The quarter ended in Wastsides favour 16-18

With all to play for, the final quarter saw both teams determined to take the lead. Quick play resulted in a few inaccurate passes from Challengers which Wastside took advantage of and quickly converted to goals. Despite Challengers defence putting the pressure on, Wastside shooters rarely missed. Wastside pulled ahead and the game finished 19-28. Players of the match were Sarah Groat for Challengers and Erin Morrison for Wastside.