The game started with both teams raring to get the first goal. Filskit were first to settle, with the ball quickly making its way up the court to the shooters who rarely missed. Despite strong defending from Challengers the quarter ended with Filskit leading 2-9.

The second quarter saw both teams defending well up the length of the court, forcing errors by the opposition. Challengers shooters worked well together to get around their defenders, but any loose balls were soon snapped up by the Filskit defenders and passed quickly up the court to the shooters. The first half of the game ended with Filskit leading 7-20.

The third quarter saw quick play from both teams. Challengers centre court players worked well to get the ball to the shooters but strong defending in and around the circle made it difficult for Challengers shooters to get close to the ring forcing them to shoot from a distance at times allowing Filskit defenders the chance to intercept any rebounds. The quarter ended with Filskit leading 12-29.

The final quarter of the game saw Challengers determined to narrow the gap in the score and Filskit determined to maintain the lead. Play throughout the quarter was very even with both teams scoring the same amount of goals to end the game 20-37.

Players of the match were Abbey Irvine from Challengers and Ann-Marie Goudie from Filskit.