Challengers won the toss so they had the first centre of the game, but a good interception saw Tulloch Tornadoes take the first goal. This saw both teams starting off with strong play with centres leading onto goals. Strong defence and quick passes up the court from Tulloch Tornadoes saw them take the lead of the first quarter with the score ending 12-6.

Second quarter saw challengers take the first pass with both teams giving it their all to get the ball to the shooters. Challengers defence in the circle found their feet and were receiving more rebounds but this wasn’t enough to take the lead as Tulloch Tornadoes secured the lead with 28-10.

Third quarter started with Tulloch Tornadoes take first centre, both teams wanting possession of the ball. This continued throughout the quarter, but with accurate shooting from Tulloch Tornadoes saw the quarter ending 42-17 in their favour.

Final quarter started with Challengers ball and they kept strong possession of the ball getting it into the shooting circle. With determination from both teams, Tullochs Tornadoes came out on top with the final score being 57-27.

Players of the match were Karis Leask for Challengers and Emma Leask for Tulloch Tornadoes.