Yell started with the first centre pass but challengers intercepted the ball well leading them gaining the first goal. Throughout the first quarter there was good end to end play with some lovely shooting from both teams, the quarter ended 8-8.

After a close ending to the first quarter this continued into the second with good shooting from both teams but Yell managed to gain a lead and the quarter ended 15-17 to Yell.

After finishing the first quarter a few goals ahead, Yell came on positive and motivated to gain a higher lead. With strong play during the quarter Yell achieved a greater lead ending the quarter 23-29.

Going into the final quarter Challengers were determined to narrow the score difference and they put up a good fight but t wasn’t enough to close the gap as Yell continued to play well with some good linking up the court finishing the game 31-36.


Players of the match were Holly Jamieson for Challengers and Lesley Robertson for Yell