Challengers 35 v Hotfooters 21

First quarter started with a Hotfooters centre. Good mid court play from both teams linking into their shooters, who rarely missed the net, enabled the first quarter to have some good competitive play. Both teams knuckled down to gain possession however first quarter ended in a tie 8 all.

Second quarter started with a switch of defenders from Hotfooters, this seemed to throw challengers who had to try hard to link balls into their shooters. Tall defenders intercepted some vital shots from challengers leaving the score still at a tied score of 13 all.

During half time there was another switch up of players for Hotfooters. Fresh legs took advantage and this widened the gap. Challengers defenders worked tirelessly to gain possession with super defending on hotfooters outer circle. Hotfooters found their rhythm ending the 3rd quarter 21-17 in favour of them.

Final quarter started with a very pumped Hotfooters team with Challengers struggling to find their feet. Challengers defenders, who usually shoot, worked tirelessly to get the ball back up to their end of the court. Mid court players linking well however challengers having players outwith their usual positions Hotfooters took advantage and won the game with a final score of 35-21. Players of the match were Cara Montgomery for Challengers and Isla Murphy for Hotfooters.