Challengers 37 V Mishaps 39

Scallywags were fast off the mark and took an early lead in the game. Challengers defenders worked hard in the circle however accurate shooting from Scallywags meant that the quarter ended 7-12 in their favour.

The second quarter saw Challengers work tirelessly to narrow the gap in the score. Challengers made some vital interceptions with the ball then quickly making its way up the court to their shooters.  Despite strong defending from Scallywags, Challengers shooters rarely missed. The quarter finished with them just 2 goals behind 17-19

The third quarter saw some very quick play, with the score being so close both teams were determined to get the lead. Challengers mid court players worked well to feed the ball into the shooters at every opportunity with Scallywags defence putting the pressure on. Scallywags were determined to keep the lead, they made a few vital interceptions which were quickly converted to goals ending the quarter 26-28

With just 2 goals in it both teams came out fighting in the final quarter. Strong defence from both teams made it difficult to get the ball into the shooting circle. Both teams worked tirelessly until the final whistle with Scallywags managing to maintain their lead ending the game 37-39. Players of the match were Cara Montgomery for Challengers and Chrissie Arthur for Scallywags.