Challengers 47 V Wastside 33

Wastside started off strong in the first quarter with GA Natasha Tulloch rarely missing a shot. Both teams centre court players fought to push their own team ahead and the first quarter ended with Challengers pulling ahead to a 12-7 lead.

The second quarter saw Challengers defenders Maria and Valerie Sales working consistently to intercept passes to the shooters and grab chances with rebounds. Wastside C Eda Leask’s quick pace and accurate passing made Challengers work for every ball, but they continued to pull ahead ending the second quarter 24-15 to Challengers.

The second half saw changes for Wastside, including Aimee Keith stepping into GS and putting more pressure on Challengers defense. However, Challengers centre court players Cara Montgomery, Audrey Irvine and Holly Jamieson continued to link well, feeding the ball up the court and into the circle where Challengers shooters continued to make the most of their chances. The third quarter ended with the Challengers still in the lead at 36-25.

Both teams began the fourth quarter pushing end-to-end play, however Challengers shooters Ellie Sandison and Danielle Johnson continued to consistently find the net and were able to keep the lead, with Challengers winning the game 47-33.

Players of the match were Ellie Sandison for Challengers and Eda Leask for Wastside.