At  each training session each team must fill in the COVID-19 form with all players names and contact information, and when you arrived and left the venue. You can download the form here. Please send the form to [email protected] as soon as you can.

Important information about returning to the Netball Court

The last few months without any Netball has been strange and frustrating but the most important thing is that you have been safe and well. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to keep active and have fun with your family, using the many ideas that have been on social media. You’ve maybe even taken part in an online training session/quiz/chat session with your teammates!

As you will be aware, in line with government guidance, Netball Scotland suspended all Netball activity on the 13th March. The health and wellbeing of all our players is the most important factor in deciding when it is safe to return to training. To be clear, the club will only return to training once we have complied with the Scottish Government’s and Netball Scotland’s guidance on sport and outdoor exercise.

The committee have taken all the necessary steps to return to court safely. You may notice some changes when you return, and these have all been put in place to make sure you are safe and allow you to enjoy being with your team-mates and most importantly have fun. These changes include:

  • Smaller numbers at training
  • Shorter sessions (45 mins)
  • No access to changing rooms
  • Pick up and drop off guidelines

So that you can continue to enjoy your court time, we are asking all players to do the following:

Player Guidelines

Before Training

  • If you are feeling unwell, let someone at home know and don’t come to training.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, including just before you leave for
  • Come ready to take part in training
    • Have your training kit on
    • Bring a water bottle that is clearly identifiable as yours (you may want to add your name or initials)
    • Wear a clean kit
    • Bring your own hand sanitiser
  • If you have any questions or concerns about going back to court, please contact SLNA

During Training

  • Put your belongings in your designated ‘Players Area ‘(if applicable}.
  • Use only your own equipment where at all
  • Follow venue. They are there to keep you safe and to help you enjoy playing Netball.
  • Do not touch equipment that is not yours. This includes, the post, cones, markers, hurdles or any other equipment that is used for training
  • If you touch a piece of equipment by accident, let someone at your venue know
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or your elbow and then wash your hands immediately
  • Fill in the COVID form available here. at every session and send to [email protected] as soon as you can.
  • Have fun!

After Training

  • Follow instructions from your facility to leave your training session quickly once you are finished; making sure a parent/carer is there to collect you – do not wander off on your own
  • Please limit your attendance to once per week maximum and only attend your teams arranged sessions
  • Apply hand sanitiser
  • Ensure you take all personal belongings and equipment with you at the end of training and do not leave anything at the venue/facility.
  • At this stage, home training and setting individual skill and fitness challenges are vital to maximise development within the limited contact time – please speak to your coach to find out what these are.

We will continue to review training to make sure it is always safe and if you have any worries or suggestions on how we can make things better please let us know.