Da McEwans 27 – Mishaps 49

The first quarter started quite evenly between both teams as they settled into the game. The Mishaps were playing a strong attacking game and it was evident that shooters Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson were not in the mood to miss, giving them an 11-8 lead at the end of the quarter.

They continued to play strongly in the second quarter and built up a commanding lead, leading 25-13 at half time.

Da McEwans fought back in the third quarter though with strong mid court play from Amber Paton and Nicola Polson leading to goals from Emily Henderson and Anna Sutherland to narrow the deficit to 32-23 going into the last quarter.

The Mishaps shifted it up a gear in the last quarter though and stormed ahead to win 49-27.

Players of the match were Amber Paton for Da McEwans and Alicia Hunter for Mishaps.