Delting 11 v All Sorts 34

The game started at a quick pace with Delting jumping in with a great interception. It was brought back by All Sorts who scored the first goal setting the tone for the rest of the game. Jody Couper (GA) in her shooting debut, scored Deltings first goal and Jenna Mouat (GK) did not make it easy for Rachel Young, Goal Shoot for All Sorts.

All Sorts dominated mid court but Emma Hunter (GD) and Jenna Mouat worked well in the circle. All Sorts Chloe Howarth (GK) made some fantastic interceptions making it difficult for Delting.

The 2nd quarter saw a strong start from All Sorts with Terri Malcomson (GD) making a great interception in the centre third. Delting took advantage of a loose ball to fight back but some fantastic shooting from Rachel Young saw All Sorts continue their lead.

The third quarter saw a messy start from both teams with a number of misplaced passes intercepted by both teams before the teams got settled in. All Sorts continued their fantastic shooting with Kayleigh Gear (GA) getting a number of goals. Jenna Mowat continued to cause a headache for the All Sorts shooters though, running a number of good interceptions. At the other end of the court, Jody Couper and Lily Rendall continued to work well when they got the ball managing to score another few goals, Chloe Howarth (GK) continued to defend the circle well, taking advantage of any loose balls.

The final quarter saw a strong start from Delting, but the All Sorts defence proved too much and they soon took dominance of the game again. The game continued at a frantic pace with both teams playing well. Lily Rendall (GS) scored a fantastic goal for Delting but the All Sorts lead was well established with the final score Delting 11, All Sorts 34. Delting Player of the Match was Jody Couper and All Sorts Player of the Match was Chloe Howarth.