Delting 15 – 27 Hotfooters

The game started strong with fierce playing from both teams. There was determined passing from Jodie Kerfoot and Isla Murphy to get the ball into the circle but blocks from Jenna Mowat and Hannah Lisa Laurenson made it difficult for them to score. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 7-6 to the Hotfooters.

The score stayed tight in the second quarter with accurate passing from both teams. Delting’s Ashley Hay and Carrie Coutts made good passes to the circle for shooters Krissie Robertson and Rhona Clark who showed some good shooting. Hotfooters also put up a good fight with great defence from Kirsten Grant and Ellie Bisset. The score at the end of quarter 2 was 11-9 to the Hotfooters.

The third quarter saw Hotfooters pull ahead with splendid shooting from Niamh Paton and Megan Boxwell. Delting’s Lily Rendall was great at getting in to a space and Hotfooters Eve Fraser came on court to deliver some great playing. Kara Grant from Hotfooters also showed excellent passing into the circle. The score at the end of quarter 3 was 20-11 to the Hotfooters.

The last quarter saw both teams get more determined with quick passing but Hotfooters stayed in the lead with precise shooting from Shaina Douglas and Niamh Paton, making the score 27-15.  Players of the match were Ellie Bisset for Hotfooters and Jenna Mowat for Delting.