Delting got off to a strong start, with Bethany Laurenson and Danielle Johnson shooting accurately to put the Delts ahead in the first quarter.


Supernova settled into their play in the second quarter, with Sarah Groat and Marianne Williamson working well together in the circle. However Jenna Mouat was on fire in defence and made it difficult for them to get many shots away, helping Delting hold onto their lead.


Caitlin Ward and Tamar Moncrieff did their best to deter the Delting attacks but Laurenson continued to be quick and capitalised on passes into the circle from Lauren Peterson and Catrina Hughson.


End to end play ensued all the way until the final whistle. Helen Matthewson and Molly Tulloch worked hard to set up shooting opportunities for Supernova, but solid defending and accurate shots saw Delting hold on for a convincing 38-18 win.


Players of the match were Jenna Mouat for Delting and Sarah Groat for Supernova