Delting 7 V Unst 40

Unst took the first centre pass for the game. Delting started the game with only 6 players his allowed the Unst attackers a great deal of movement. Delting’s defender Jenna Mowat was working hard getting many intercepts giving Delting turn over the ball but were however unable to convert them. Ashley Symington for Unst was shooting a whole range of shots allowing Unst to create a big lead.  Therefore the first courter ended in 9-2 to Unst.

In the second quarter Unst, Delting had a full team with Ashley Hay coming onto the court at wing defence. Delting’s goal keep Charlotte Slater got many touches of the ball to slow down the progression of the Unst attackers but Unst’s Jade Stevenson and Irena Polson linked well passing precisely into their shooters. The first half ended 19-4 to Unst.

The second half saw Unst change positions throughout the whole court. Delting’s Hannah-Lisa Laurenson and Rhona Clark was working well together to move the ball up through the court. However Unst’s Defence was strong and were picking up intercepts, this allowed Unst once again to further their lead. The third quarter ended 5-30 to Unst.

In the last quarter saw Delting make changes in their defence with Emma Hunter moving back to goal defence and Ashley hay coming on at WD once again. Unst’s Naomi Brown was in good form in the last quarter shooting accurately for Unst.  The final whistle blew with the final score being 40-7 to Unst. Players of the Match were Jenna Mowat for Delting and Jade Stevenson for Unst