Delting took the first centre pass but were unable to score off it due to the strong defence form Ellie Sutherland and Laura Polson. McEwans were able to convert every turn over ball, due to the amazing shooting of Joanne Stewart and Emily Henderson.  Therefore the first courter ended in 13-0 to McEwans.

In the second quarter McEwans, Anna Sutherland moved to goal attack and Nicola Polsom came on at centre. McEwans once again came out strong with accurate passing between Eileen Robertson and Nicola Polson. However Delting kept fighting, with their young goal attack Rhona Clark scoring Deltings first goal. This left the half time score 27-1 to McEwans.

McEwans once again changed positions with Anna-Marie Anderson moving to goal shoot and Emily Henderson going into wing defence. This quarter saw  McEwans throughout the court working hard, as well as some spectacular long shots from Anna Sutherland. Delting work hard to attack against the McEwans defence with Hannah-Lisa Laurenson feeding some lovely balls to her attackers, this allowing Delting to score a few more goals in this courter. The third quarter ended 43-3 to McEwans.

In the last quarter saw Delting make many changed across the court. Hannah-Lisa moves to Goal Attack, Charlotte Slater move to Goal Keep, Rhonda Clark moved back to shooter and Emma Hunter move out to Goal Defence. This was the best quarter for Delting only allowing McEwans to score 8 gaols, this was due to the hard work from Slater and Hunter. Hannah-Lisa and Rhona work well together in the shooting circle and we’re able to put some more points onto the board for Delting. This meant that the game ended with McEwans winning 50-8.

Players of the Match were Hannah-Lisa Laurenson for Delting and Anna Sutherland for McEwans