DSDS Kiwis 26 V Ness 45

This was a fast and furious game of netball from the start. Ness started well winning the first quarter 6 -10. Kiwis were struggling for a team due to a number of the players being affected by Covid. This meant that Karen MacKay and Lauren Smith had to support the defence in the circle. Ness shooters were missing nothing in the first quarter and managed to pull ahead by 4 goals.

The second quarter was an excellent 15 minutes for Ness. Aimee Budge was commanding the centre court and offering some excellent link up play into the circle. The Kiwis defence couldn’t cope with the fast passing and excellent movement of the Ness attackers, the half time score was 11 -24 for Ness.

The second half Kiwis and Ness both changed their teams around slightly but it was once again the accuracy of the Ness shooters that really changed the game. The Ness shooters, Emma Kissick and Estella Smith in the circle were missing nothing and the Kiwi defence of Brenda Leask and Lauren Smith were unable to offer any counter balance. The third quarter was a closer affair but due to the lead that Ness had built up it was difficult for the Kiwi team to close the gap. Kiwi shooters were unlucky in the circle and the Ness defence were strong and able to use rebound opportunities to get the ball back up the court and into the Ness circle. The third quarter finished 16 – 33 Ness.

The final quarter Kiwi changed the team around and the mid court of Holly King, Libby Fox and Karen MacKay offered some challenge to fast flowing passing of the Ness team. However it was too little too late and Ness held onto their lead that they had built up in the first half. The game finished 26 -45, a well-deserved victory for Ness. Player of the match was Emma Kissick for Ness and Libby Fox for Kiwi.