Dutch Courage 16 v 37 Challengers

Dutch Courage 16 v 37 Challengers

Dutch Courage opened play having secured the first centre however it was Challengers who were able to convert this into the first goal of the match.  Sarah Groat (C), Holly Jamieson (WA), Danielle Johnson (GA) and Katie Sandison (GS) linked well in their attacking play for Challengers to get the ball into the shooting circle.  However, Chloe Howarth (GK) for Dutch Courage made it difficult for them to convert all of their shots on target into goals.

Dutch Courage also had good linking play from their attacking players Carla Johnson (C), Gemma Leask (GA), Alexis Jamieson (WA) and Sadie Meadows (GS) in the first quarter however, Dutch Courage were unable to secure any goals from their shots on target.  The first quarter ended 0-8 in favour of Challengers.

Dutch Courage made one change to their line up heading into the second quarter with Nia McLean replacing Leonie Clark at GD.  Challengers had another strong quarter increasing their lead 5-11.  The height advantage of their defence Amy Pearson (GD) and Vicky Irvine (GK) was proving difficult for the Dutch Courage shooters.

Both teams made changes to their line up again in the third quarter.  Both teams also continued to have strong linking play up the court to their respective shooters when in possession of the ball.  Challengers defence continued to make Dutch Courage shooters work hard, intercepting the ball on a number of occasions.  This did not deter Dutch Courage who continued to fight for every ball.  However, it was not enough to prevent Challengers increasing their lead even further, taking the third quarter 11-16.

Anya Leslie switched from defence to attack in the final quarter for Dutch Courage.  She linked well with Carla Johnson (C) and Sadie Meadows at (GA) in the mid court.  Dutch Courage continued to work tirelessly however the gap in scoring was too great.  Challengers were victorious taking the match 16-37. Players of the match were Sarah Groat for Challengers and Carla Johnson for Dutch Courage.