Dutch Courage 20 V McEwans 35

McEwans secured the first centre pass of the match and quickly converted this into a goal.  Dutch courage followed this up with their own first goal of the match.  Both teams were linking well through their mid-court players and into their shooters. At the end of the first quarter McEwans had a narrow advantage 10-8. The second quarter saw McEwans GD make a number of key interceptions in the Dutch Courage circle.  McEwans were able to capitalise on this and increased their lead ending the quarter 19-12.

Dutch Courage made a number of changes to their line up heading into the third quarter.  Both teams were again linking well up the court to their respective shooters when in possession of the ball.  McEwans GD had another strong quarter, intercepting the ball on a number of occasions in the Dutch Courage circle.  Dutch Courage continued to fight for every ball and made a number of interceptions of their own.  However, it was not enough to prevent McEwans taking the third quarter 27-16.

Play in the final quarter was fast and furious with both teams determined to add to their goal tally.  McEwans were the stronger team on the night, their shooters rarely missing a shot at target.  The final score was 35-20 in McEwans favour.  Players of the match Emma Burgess for Dutch Courage and Ruth Simpson for McEwans.