Dutch Courage 24 V Yell 36

Dutch Courage (DC) settlds quickly into a stream of goals boosted by the return of some old faces and some new. Good defending from Yell and interceptions by Alice Jamieson (Yell GD) helped Yell to gain momentum with the quarter ending 8-6 to DC.

An impressive shot by Alison Anderson (GS) opened the scoring in the second quarter for Dutch Courage. Good interceptions by both sides meant the quarter was very evenly matched. Despite some great defending from Laura Sinclair (GK) for DC, good linking by Yell’s attack saw them overtake DC by 17 – 13.

In the third quarter both teams capitalised on the other’s mistakes with lots of back and forth play. There was good work between DC’s Anderson (GS) and Sadie Meadows (GA) but Yell’s strong defence  managed to keep their lead. The quarter ended 24 – 20.

Yell furthered their lead in the final quarter and made DC work hard with some good interceptions in the last quarter. The game ended 36 – 24 to Yell. Players of the match were Kerry Nicolson for Yell and DC’s newest recruit Alisha Tulloch.