Dutch Courage 29 V Mishaps 34

The first game back for both teams started very competitively and both teams got straight back into it. Both Mishaps and Dutch Courage were evenly matched from the outset.  Elaine Gair was winning many interceptions for Mishaps, while Dutch Courage also has a strong defence with Lara Sinclair and Stacey Clark. The first quarter ended closely at 7 to Dutch Courage and 6 to Mishaps.  The second and third quarters showed excellent shooting from Mishap’s Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson – both working well as a team in the shooters circle. Kate Wills, for Dutch Courage put up a great fight as centre, finding bursts of energy where needed.  Mishaps won the second quarter by 2 goals, then Dutch Courage pulled back and won the third quarter by 2 with good defending from Alisha Tulloch.  Both teams were still putting up a great fight.  The final quarter showed Mishaps Leah Henry connecting well with the attack and intercepting some critical passes. The Mishaps pulled away at the end of the game and finished with a 5 goal difference. Players of the match were Alicia Hunter for Mishaps and Sadie Meadows for Dutch Courage.