Dutch Courage 33 v All Sorts 24

The game was very slow in getting started with the first goal taking until the third minute to be scored, the first quarter finished with Dutch Courage taking the lead with a score of 6-4.

The second quarter saw some great interceptions from both teams, the pace of the scoring picked up and with on point shooting from Julie Nisbet Dutch Courage increase the scoring gap further with the second quarter ending 14-7.  After half-time All Sorts came back to the game with a fight in their play, with an almost goal for goal scoring for both teams the third quarter ends in 22-14.  The final quarter sees both teams putting up a good fight, great interceptions and some fantastic shooting, at the end of the game Dutch Courage wins 33-24.  Players of the match were Vaila Robertson for Dutch Courage and Kayleigh Gear for All Sorts.