Dutch Courage 35 V Delting 11

Dutch Courage opened what was to be a stream of shooting. Emma Burgess (GD) worked tirelessly to defend against Delting’s attack in the circle with the quarter ending 9-1 to Dutch Courage.

In the second quarter Delting made some swift short passes with Niamh Batty (WA), Rona Clark (GA) and Lily Rendall (GS) linking well together into the circle to improve Delting‘s scoring. Despite this, Dutch Courage remained on top with 21-6 by half time.

Despite several changes of players throughout the game, Dutch Courage maintained their lead of 27-8 in the third quarter.

Delting’s Jenna Mowat (GD) and Hannah-Lisa Laurenson (GK) picked up confidence in the last quarter. However, relentless excellent shots from Dutch Courage’s Alison Anderson (GS) and Julie Nisbet (GA) secured a convincing win of 35-11. Players of the match were Alison Anderson for Dutch Courage and Jenna Mowat for Delting.