Filsket 27 V Whalsay 37

Both teams started the game strong, eager to be the first team to take the lead. Filsket’s Ann-Marie and Sandi Brill linked well in the middle third together pushing the ball up to the shooters giving Filsket a 12-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Whalsay’s Lara Kay and Debbie Irvine stepped on the second quarter hungry to get some goals which showed as their slick and accurate passes to each other proved to be what helped Whalsay take lead of the second half ending in 19-18 to them.

Third quarter saw Filsket’s power duo, Jeromson sisters, Kayti and Kristen defending to a high standard as they made a lot of impressive interceptions and fought for every rebound. This didn’t effect Whalsay’s Karis Leask though as she stood out to be a very valuable young player as her accurate passing and shooting kept Filsket on their toes.

Final quarter saw both teams work hard and tirelessly as they fought to for what felt like could be anyone’s game. Filsket’s Marianne Williamson and Lisa Emslie never gave up in the circle and took every chance they could do gain more goals. However, Whalsay’s defender, Natalie Constable, gave them a run for their money with her quick thinking and ability to read the passing. This gained Whalsay the advantage to score some more goals rewarding them to come out on top finish 37-27. Players of the Match were Kristen Jeromson for Filsket and Karis Leask for Whalsay.