Hotfooters 22 V Mishaps 29

Hotfooters won the first centre pass and the game got off quite evenly with Niamh Paton (GA), Megan Boxwell (GS) and Mishaps shooters Alicia Hunter and Morgan Henderson all scoring quickly. The game moved up and down court between the teams with both making interceptions to steal the ball the Mishaps managed to get a few goals in quick succession to put them slightly ahead. Great interceptions by Kirstin Grant (GK) and Ellie Bisset (GD) prevented a higher tally for Mishaps with the first quarter ending 6-3 to Mishaps.

The next quarter saw a few changes with Isla Murphy moving to centre for Hotfooters to maintain a good flow down the court and the girls linked well around the circle, increasing their goal tally. Paula Williamson and Kelsey Robb were quick off the mark at centre passes for Mishaps, ensuring a fast clean pass up to Morgan Henderson who’s shooting was impeccable. Shaina Douglas came on at GA for Hotfooters and managed to make some clean shots despite the Mishaps defence marking well and the score ended 13-8 to Mishaps.

The third quarter saw fast play from both teams, now settled into a rhythm. Jodie Kerfoot (WD) and Kara Grant (WA) for Htofooters used the court well with Jodie getting a few interceptions to convert but again, the experience of Mishaps midcourt and shooters showed as they took every ball and accurately scored.

The last quarter saw Hotfooters finding their stride and determined to pull it back. With Eve Fraser back in centre aided by Isla Murphy (WD) and Jodie Kerfoot (WA) the ball was quickly passed to the circle where Niamh Paton and Shaina Douglas’ shooting was becoming more confident and more goals were scored this quarter despite Chloe Nicolsons (GK) best attempts, than any other to help narrow the gap. Confident defending by Kirstin Grant (GD) and Ellie Bisset (GK) ensured also that Mishaps scored fewer goals this quarter. The final score being Mishaps 29 – Hotfooters 22.