Hotfooters 27 v Delting 10

Delting took the first centre pass and the ball was lost, stolen and regained for almost seven minutes before a goal was scored.  Strong defensive play by Delting’s Jenna Mowat and Hanna-Lisa Laurenson consistently interrupted Hotfooters goal scoring chances whilst at the other end of the court Hotfooters Tabitha Johnson and Kirstin Grant worked tightly together to keep the Delting shooters out of the circle.

The second quarter saw Hotfooters shooters Niamh Paton and Shaina Douglas net seven goals to Deltings one while Jenna Mowat continued to dominate the defence and grab every rebound.

Young Delting Centre Ashley Hay played a fast and furious third quarter with great interceptions while Hotfooters Isla Murphy in WA position made some fast snatches and great feeds into the circle allowing Niamh Paton and Megan Boxwell their best scoring quarter so far netting ten goals.

In the final quarter Jody Couper’s speed and accurate shooting netted five goals for Delting resulting in a final score of Hotfooters 27 v Delting 10. Players of the match were Hotfooters Tabitha Johnson and Deltings Jenna Mowat.