Hotfooters defenders Ella Robertson GK and Tabitha Johnson GD made shooting difficult for Mishaps in the first quarter and some excellent interceptions from Johnson in particular saw the ball turn around and race up the court to be delivered into the safe hands of Shaina Douglas (GA) to give Hotfooters a 7 point lead.

In the second quarter Hotfooters Douglas and Niamh Paton (GS) worked hard in the circle while at the other end of the court Morgan Goodlad dominated the scoring for Mishaps, racking up 6 goals to Hotfooters 7.

A fabulous long shot from Alicia Hunter got the scoring underway for Mishaps who dominated the 3rd quarter forcing Hotfooters into mistakes bringing the score level at 23 all the end of the 3rd quarter.
With everything to lose in the final quarter the play was frantic from both sides but the more experienced Mishaps team, with amazing shooting again from Hunter saw the Hotfooters struggling. Final score was Hotfooters 30 v Mishaps 34.

Players of the match were Leah Henry for Mishaps and Shaina Douglas for Hotfooters.