Hotfooters 31 V Dutch Courage 43

A fast paced start gave Hotfooters an early goal lead with Shaina Douglas scoring in the first minute.The well-linking mid court from Dutch Courage of Vaila Robertson, Kate Wills and Sonja Jamieson however soon gave the opposition a draw through goal shoot Alison Anderson. It was end to end goals with sharp fast passing into the circle to Hotfooters Niamh Paton and Shania Douglas but tight defending by Dutch Courage meant a few goals missed. Dutch Courage managed to take an early lead through a few goals in succession despite the rebound saves by Hotfooters Ellie Bisset and Kirstin Grant who quickly passed the ball out of the circle and back up the court. This allowed Hotfooters to close the gap slightly with the first quarter ending 12-7 to Dutch Courage.

Going into the next quarter, it again started fast with good clean controlled passing into the circle by Hotfooters mid court players Isla Murphy, Eve Fraser and Kara Grant. Clean shooting by Shaina Douglas and Niamh Paton kept Hotfooters in the game but Dutch Courage goalkeep Laura Sinclair was making it hard for them to find clear shots.

The next quarter started with a score of 18-11 and a few position changes by both teams. Isla Murphy moved to centre and Eve Fraser to wing defence for Hotfooters and Kathleen Robertson to wing defence for Dutch Courage ensured a tight defence for both teams and even scoring again. Kara Grant worked tirelessly around the circle, linking well with Isla Murphy as well as Dutch Courage mid court Kate Wills and Vaila Robertson doing the same.

By the last quarter Hotfooters were finding their feet and a run of quick clean goals in succession by Shaina and Niamh spurred them on. Dutch Courage however, through the consistently good shooting of Alison Anderson kept ahead despite Kirstin Grant and Ellie Bisset defending tirelessly in the circle with Eve assisting to keep the pressure on the shooters and gain any rebound. The final score was 43-31 to Dutch Courage. Players of the match were Kate Wills for Dutch Courage and Niamh Paton for Hotfooters.