Hotfooters 36 v Dutch Courage 33

The game began with Dutch Courage moving rapidly up the court and into the circle with Sadie Meadows WD, Kate Wills C and Vaila Robertson WA linking well to secure a couple of early goals. Hotfooters soon gained control and slowed the game down using Isla Murphy C, Kara Grant WA and Jodie Kerfoot WD to maintain a manageable pace. Linking well around the circle to pass into Shaina Douglas GA and Megan Boxwell GS who managed to pull the score back up. The first quarter ended 8-6 to Dutch Courage.

Hotfooters defence of Kirstin Grant GK and Eve Fraser GD started the 2nd quarter working hard, gaining interceptions to kept the score even. Goal for goal at a fast pace ended when Julie Nisbet GA and Alison Anderson GS for Dutch Courage edged them ahead with some clean goal scoring. By half time the score was 19-16 to Dutch Courage.

A couple of player changes for Hotfooters saw Eve Fraser move to C, Isla Murphy to GD and Niamh Paton to WA. This changed the dynamics of the team and after a manic start to the 3rd quarter, the pace slowed and saw some great interceptions by Isla and Kirstin. Dutch Courage kept the pressure on to the whistle with good control around the circle to keep the ball at their end.

The final quarter started 25-24, Hotfooters managing to close the gap with some confident shooting by Megan and Shaina. Hotfooters came out determined to control play and managed to maintain this, scoring 12 goals to Dutch Courage’s 8. The game ended 36 – 33 to Hotfooters. Player of the Match for Dutch Courage was Alison Anderson and for Hotfooters was Isla Murphy.