Kinetics 10 – 50 Loungers

Loungers were first to settle and took the early lead, despite ongoing pressure from Kinetics’ defender Shannon Stevenson. Stevenson, getting 3 interceptions in a row, was making life hard for shooter Ava Sim.  There were also lots of pressure from Louise Birnie in the mid court which disrupted Kinetics’ flow and Loungers would gain the loose balls. Loungers’ Jennifer Thomson and Claire Johnston defended their circle well, making the Kinetics shooters have to make good use of Carina McLatchie and Krissi Sandison at WA and C. The first quarter ended 11-3 to Loungers.

Kinetics found their form in the next quarter, with their defence working endlessly with Ingrid Nicol, Louise Malcolmson and Stevenson. Kinetics were patient to work their ball up to their shooters and some long range shooting from Liza Fullerton and Karis Georgeson saw Kinetics draw that quarter 6-6 all, with an overall score of 17-9.

Loungers came back fighting for the remaining half of the game and used their collective wealth of experience to up their game with a run of goals. Kinetics made a few errors which Loungers quickly turned into goals. The final score was Kinetics 10, Loungers 50. Players of the match were Louise Birnie for Loungers and Ella Robertson for Kinetics.