Kinetics 11 V Kiwis 49

The first quarter started pretty evenly with the first goal only being scored after 3 minutes by Kiwi’s Zoe Symington. There was lots of frantic passing up and down the court with Kiwis being the more successful with their final passes into the circle.  The Kinetics defenders Louise Malcolmson and Ingrid Nicol made the Kiwis shooters work hard for their goals with lots of interceptions and tight marking. With both teams working hard the first quarter ended 12-2 to Kiwis.

Tegan Hendren came on as centre for Kinetics and played really well getting lots of balls into the circle. Kiwis players Kim Johnson, Maisie Unsworth and Natalie Stevens were all defending excellently, making the Kinetics players work hard. Sanna Aitkin was getting lots of passes to the Kiwis shooters but Shannon Stevenson was playing really well with lots of interceptions. The 2nd quarter was a lot closer with Karis Georgeson shooting well but kiwis kept a convincing lead at 21-8.

Kiwis had a very strong start to the 3rd quarter, Maisie Unsworth picking up all of the Kinetics rebounds and getting it back into play. Kiwis were getting into a good rhythm and Natalie Stevens made interceptions at Kinetics centre pass. Ingrid Nicol and Shannon Stevenson had lots of tips but the Kiwis shooters were picking up all of them up. Kiwis take advantage of all Kinetics errors and the quarter ends 37-9.

In the final quarter both teams were giving their all with lots of play in the middle of the court. Despite Kinetics fighting efforts Kiwis finish the game 49-11. Shannon Stevenson was player of the match for Kinetics and Alina Murray for Kiwis.