Kinetics 13 V Loungers 46

Both teams started off strongly with Kinetics securing the first goal. Karis Georgeson (GA) creating good space in the circle and accurate shooting. 

Both Kinetics and Loungers made some slight changes going into the second half. Loungers defending well getting a good few interceptions in the circle. Loungers mid court feeding the ball effectively through quickly to Ava sim. Kinetics working hard to fight for every ball. 

The 3rd quarter saw both team linking well up the court to their shooter. Kinetics struggling to find the net and loungers taking advantage of this with excellent circle defending and lots of interceptions from Sally Sandison. 

The final quarter saw loungers creating good space and excellent play up the court to both shooters who rarely missed a short. Kinetics continued working hard to defend every ball. The game ended 46-13 to Loungers. Players of the match were Karis Georgeson for Kinetics and Ava Johnston for Loungers.