Kinetics 19 v 35 AHS

There was a quick break from Kinetics centre but AHS were quick to intercept. Kinetics managed to win the ball back into the circle with a goal from Liza Henderson. AHS retaliated and got a quick goal back from Sadie Fox. Kinetics were working well together to get the ball to their attacking end, which was met by Karis Georgeson which she turned into a goal. A good interception from Ciara Kelly in the circle lead to kinetics making fast moves up the court. Kinetics managed to keep the play up at their end, putting pressure on AHS, leading to Henderson with another goal. 

In the second and third quarter, there was fast play from end to end. Both team’s defensive players continued to put pressure on every ball, never giving up. Jules Jarmson came on for AHS and supported new GA, Caitlin Spence as she netted the ball easily. This great play in the circle continued for AH, helping gain another few goals from Fox.   

Moving into the final quarter persistence from Kinetics shooters Lucy Thomson and Karis Georgeson saw them continue to keep Kinetics hope for half points alive. The quick feet and fitness from AHS was impressive and the goal difference continued to widen. Ella Johnson’s debut for Kinetics saw her create pressure and as a result, won good rebounds for Kinetics. Experience from Carina McLatchie kept Kinetics focused and created excellent direct passes into their shooting circle. Kinetics defenders Rozanne Jamieson and Ciara Kelly worked tirelessly making the AHS shooters work hard.  The game ended 35-19 to AHS. Players of the match were Karis Georgeson for Kinetics and Cara Montgomery for AHS.