Kinetics 46 V Ness 35

Kinetics won the toss and were first to score. Ness were quick to reply and levelled the score immediately.  Tight defending by Melody Goodlad (WD), Ailish Parham (GD) and Ruth Christie (GK) from Ness made Sarah Nicol (GA) and Liza Henderson (GS) have to work extremely hard for every ball from Cally Thomson (C) and Louise Fraser (WA).  After a fast-paced quarter Kinetics were ahead 10-8.

The second quarter started every bit as fast as the first one finished with both teams playing their hardest.  Kinetics changed their midcourt players, moving Fraser into C, Carina McClatchie from WD to WA and Ingrid Nicol came on to WD.  The Ness line up remained unchanged for the whole game.  Kinetics increased their lead by one goal due to the brilliant play by Andrea Ross (GK) and Louise Malcolmson (GD) who were both reading the game well and picking up valuable interceptions and rebounds.  At half time the score was 22-19 in Kinetics favour.

Further changes for Kinetics saw Thomson back on at C, Fraser moved back to WA.  Ness came on with renewed determination and displayed with confident passing throughout the court.  The tireless efforts of Ness’s Aimee Budge (C) were crucial to her team.  She used her speed well to link the ball easily up the court in every attack.  A strong quarter from Ness brought the scores level at 31-all at the end of the third quarter.

Final changes to Kinetics line up saw Karis Georgeson come on at WA, McLatchie back on at C, Thomson to WD.  Sarah Nicol and Henderson switched positions in the shooting circle and Ross and Malcolmson switched positions in the defensive circle.  These changes worked brilliantly for Kinetics.  Ross and Malcolmson continued to read play well and picked multiple interceptions, which were quickly passed up the court and converted by their shooters.  After pulling ahead, Kinetics make an error with a backline pass which was pounced on by the young Ness shooters who quickly converted.  Final score was 46-35 to Kinetics. Players of the match were Sarah Nicol for Kinetics and for Ness Tahlia Leslie.