The game started with Unst getting the first centre pass. Both teams took a moment to settle with mid court players in both teams working hard to ensure they kept possession of the ball. The score at the end of the first half was 16-6 to Kinetics.

The second quarter saw Kinetics shooters Sarah Grogan, GA, and Emma Gray, GS, taking every opportunity to convert their shots to goals. The Unst defence worked tirelessly to try and stop the Kinetics shooters but their shots weren’t missing the net. Going into half time Kinetics were leading 28-10.

Unst came back on after the break ready to try and close the gap in the score. Long range passes from Unst were reaching their shooting duo of Lauren and Alana Johnson who converted into goals. After the third quarter Kinetics were winning 33-16.

Kinetics made some changes with Hayley Tulloch slotting in at GA and with Gray at GS the two of them linked seamlessly and got a good run of goals extending Kinetics lead. At the other end of the court the Unst shooters were finding it difficult against Kinetics defenders Louise Malcolmson and Ingrid Nicol who were getting lots of interceptions. The Unst shooting duo of Johnson and Johnson were being forced to take long range shots in a bid to get their teams score up. The final score was Kinetics 47, Unst 21.

Players of the match were Hayley Tulloch for Kinetics and Alana Johnson took the title for Unst.