Kinetics 6 – Tulloch’s Tornados 29

Kinetics had first centre pass but TT quickly took possession and converted to a goal. The game continued in this same fashion, with some super mid court play from TT. Ava Williams and Leanna Jamieson were constantly putting pressure on the Kinetics attacking play and scooped in some lovely interceptions. Kirsti Leask and Tahnae Maclennan linked well in their shooting circle, hardly missing a shot. Liza Henderson and Karis Georgeson worked tirelessly against some very strong defending, however their hard work would pay off, with some accurate long range shooting. Kristi Grant kept the Kinetics’ mid court play steady as she showed great stamina in defending and attacking throughout the game, earning her Kinetics’ player of the match.  Tullochs impressed with their strength, agility and speed, especially from Victoria Duthie, who was the TT player of the match.