Kinetics Tournament 2019


Kinetics Netball club hosted their annual netball tournament on Saturday 21st September 2019. A healthy entry of 9 teams, saw 2 groups compete throughout the day. It was refreshing to see top teams Kiwis and Tulloch’s merging with some Junior players to share experience with youth. This made for some very enjoyable netball.

In group A Loungers won all 3 of their matches convincingly, with the formidable shooting duo of Ava Johnston and Stella Oldbury proving difficult to halt. Karen Bannister at Centre, also played a crucial role, making many interceptions for her team mates. The runner-up spot was hotly contested. Kinetics entered 2 teams and the A team consisted mainly of their more Senior Players. Although Eve Fraser made her debut for the team, playing alongside her mother Louise for the first time. Kinetics A played the youthful AHS side in a match which was goal for goal, with Kinetics A just edging ahead by 1 goal.

In group B, Kiwis topped the group with Kim Johnston’s robust defending proving crucial. Young shooter Karis Leask also had an outstanding tournament for her team. AHS/Tulloch’s were runner-up’s, having only lost to Kiwis, with Victoria Duthie leading a youthful team.

In the first semi-final, Loungers beat AHS/Tulloch’s. In the other semi-final match, Kinetics A proved too strong for Kiwis, edging ahead 11-7.

The final was an exciting affair. Loungers edged ahead from the start with Johnston and Oldbury moving well and rarely missing a shot. Louise Malcolmson and Andrea Ross worked tirelessly and put up a determined fight in defence. Kinetics continued to try and reduce the deficit but it was Loungers day, and they ran out eventual winners, 18-13.

Scott Jamieson representing Ocean Kinetics presented the trophy to a delighted Loungers Captain, Vicki Smith. Senior player of the tournament was a 3 way tie with Shannon Stevenson, Louise Malcolmson and Aimee Budge coming out on top. Stevenson was picked as the trophy winner by the tournament organisers. Karis Leask won junior player of the tournament for her impressive shooting. The Kinetics team would like to give a special thanks to Ocean Kinetics for their continued support in sponsoring the annual tournament.

To see photos from the day head to the gallery.

Group Home Team Score   Score Away Team
B Kiwis 8 v 4 Ness
B Kinetics B 3 v 2 Scallywags
A Loungers 15 v 4 Kinetics A
B Kiwis 7 v 3 AHS/Tullochs
A Filsket 5 v 11 AHS
B Ness 5 v 3 Kinetics B
B Scallywags 4 v 12 AHS/Tullochs
A Kinetics A 10 v 4 Filsket
B Kiwis 7 v 2 Kinetics B
A Loungers 13 v 6 AHS
B AHS/Tullochs 8 v 5 Ness
B Kiwis 8 v 4 Scallywags
A Loungers 12 v 6 Filsket
B Kinetics B 2 v 7 AHS/Tullochs
A Kinetics A 10 v 9 AHS
B Scallywags n/a v n/a Ness

Kinetics Tournament 2019


Semi Final 1

Winner A Score   Score Runner Up B
Loungers 9 v 5 AHS/Tullochs


Semi Final 2

Winner B Score   Score Runner Up A
Kiwis 7 v 11 Kinetics A



  Score   Score
Loungers 18 v 13 Kinetics A


Junior Player of the Tournament: Karis Leask

Senior Player of the Tournament: Shannon Stevenson

Runners up:  Louise Malcolmson and Aimee Budge