Kiwis 20 V Loungers 37

Kiwis took the first centre pass but couldn’t find the net allowing Loungers the opportunity to take the lead. Strong shooting from Ava Johnson and Kaitlin Leslie saw them take the first 3 goals in quick succession. Kiwis were showing determination to fight back but the tight Loungers defence of Louise Moar and Claire Johnson was making life hard for the Kiwis attacking end to find good position in the shooting circle. Loungers took a lead of 7 goals into the first break with Kiwis yet to score.

Changes were made in the Kiwis attack in an attempt to gain back some control of the game with Rhianne Johnson coming on at GA, Sanna Aitkin moving to C and Libby Fox entering at WA. The changes seemed to have an effect at the beginning of the quarter with Kiwis making good links in attack. Natalie Steven’s now on in the defensive circle with Kim Johnson were managing to create turnovers for Kiwis. However, Loungers were working well as a team putting pressure on every pass. They were also steady in attack so managed to increase the lead to 17-8 going into half time.

Loungers were playing well as a unit and managed to pick up some quick turnover balls in the 3rd quarter. Karen Bannister was finding her shooters well with accurate feeds, whilst Johnson and Leslie were showing continued accuracy to not give the Kiwis defence many rebounding opportunities. Loungers managed take the game away from Kiwis and give themselves a comfortable lead going into the final quarter.

Fresh legs for Kiwis made an impact in what was to be their best quarter of the match. However, Loungers were too strong on the night and kept their own score ticking over in a quarter that went goal for goal to finish the game with a 20-37 win. Players of the match were Kaitlin Leslie for Loungers and Holly King for Kiwis.