Kiwi’s began this game with the first centre pass, and an accurate shot from Dawn Manson saw Kiwi’s first to get on the board. A few sloppy passes from both teams led to a few turnovers with Kiwi’s managing to convert these into goals. Louise Malcolmson worked tirelessly for Kinetics in defence, however Manson and Zoey Symington moved effectively within the circle to get shots in and allow Kiwis to pull ahead, finishing the first Quarter 8-1.

The second quarter began with some end – to – end play due to both teams gaining a number of interceptions. Kim Johnson and Natalie Stevens communicated well in Kiwis defence, making it difficult for Kinetics attack. Kinetics had to make changes to their defence in this quarter due to an injury which Kiwis capitalised on to finish the quarter 18-5.

The 3rd quarter seen a few changes in positions with bride to be Miss Johnston coming on at GS and putting in some accurate shots. Kiwi’s defence remained strong in this quarter, forcing the 3 second rule and gaining back possession of the ball. Kinetics have seen some new faces join their team this season whom worked hard throughout, gaining interceptions from Kiwi’s defence. However Kiwis managed to keep up their lead in this quarter, finishing 29-10.

The fourth and final quarter seen some excellence defence and strong team performances from both teams. A very evenly contested quarter seen both teams secure 9 goals each, finishing the game 37-18.