Kiwis 38 V Whalsay 2

Whalsay fielded a younger team than usual, with Lara Kay in the defending circle supported by Karis Irvine as GD. Rhianna, Karis, Lauren and Lisa all stepping up to help Whalsay out. Kiwi took the first center to open the game. The second center went from end to end with both defensive circles dominating the rebounds. Kiwis played consistently to take a quick 5-1 lead. Kim Johnston leaping for several interceptions to turn possession as Catherine Williamson attempted long balls into the circle. Good teamwork around the Kiwi circle and between Zoey Symington and Alina Murray seen Kiwis up 8-1. Debbie Irvine’s composed long range shooting and support from Rhianna Constable helped Whalsay to reduce the gap to 9-5 after the first quarter.

A few changes for Whalsay, seeing Lauren Sandison on as WD. Kylie Wood and Holly King swapped positions to try King in centre court. Whalsay took a quick first center pass, and Kiwis mimicked the play to do the same. Debbie Irvine appeared to be finding more space in the circle as GS, but as Natalie Stevens settled the two were having a tight battle for every ball. Accurate feeds in by Holly to settle after Kiwis stole a center pass. Whalsay had to work hard to get the ball down the court as Kiwis pressed them high, putting lots of pressure on each player to help to turnover a few balls in the mid-court to maintain their lead. The Kiwis shooters improved as the quarter went on, with brilliant linking play between Symington and Murray. Whalsay’s WD Sandison was putting hard pressure on around the circle, but despite managing to close the gap to be within 2 goals, Kiwis stayed calm and pulled the score to 21-12.

Karis Leask took GA for Whalsay and Dawn Manson swapped on for Alina Murray as GS for the third. Whalsay started strong getting a few interceptions that they were able to utilise, with their shooters failing to be phased by the strong Kiwi defenders and shooting skilfully anywhere in the circle. Leask was an effective change for Whalsay, making the Kiwis defense have to rethink their tactics. Sanna Aitken was using strong attacking drives which was creating space for the shooters. Whalsay closed the gap to within 4 again, but Kiwis tightened up their team play to close the 3rd with 28-19.

Stevens strong defense proved to work throughout the game, as she continued to make it difficult for the Whalsay GS Louise Johnson. Kiwis had the first center, but Whalsay made a strong rebound in the circle to take the ball up to their attacking end to score. The next 2 centers were long, with both teams still using energy and speed to attack and defend on every ball. Maisie Unsworth had her first game for the season after being injured for the first league, taking a strong defensive role as WD, showing that she could still be quietly aggressive on court. It was end to end play, with pressure in both circles. Zoeys consistency and long range shots helped Kiwis to pull a couple further ahead. Any missed shots were snatched up by Kay and Sandison though. The two shooters were doing well for Whalsay (Leask and Johnson) as Debbie Irvine fed in to the circle as WA this quarter. Good linking play in mid-court with Unsworth and Aitken. Kiwis continued to widen the gap to finish the game at 38-23. Players of the Match were Karis Leask for Whalsay and Sanna Aitken for Kiwis.