The 1st quarter started evenly, with both teams finding their feet for the new season.  Loungers worked hard up mid court, with great passing between Hazel Johnson and Ellie Spence.  However, brilliant defence from Kristen and Kayti Jeromson made it difficult for the Loungers shooters to get the ball.  Loungers persevered, and won the quarter 13-5.

The 2nd quarter started well for Filsket, with great interceptions in defence allowing them to score the first 3 goals of the quarter. Loungers managed to settle, with fantastic tips from Claire Johnston giving Loungers the opportunity to get a run of goals. Filsket worked tirelessly, however, Loungers managed to pull ahead to 21-10 at the end of the quarter.

The 3rd quarter started strong for both teams, with lots of end to end play. Super interceptions and all round play from Filsket’s Lois Phillips caused problems for the Loungers mid court players.  Great movement and shooting from Loungers Kaitlin Leslie gave Loungers a few more goals.  Similarly at the other side of the court, Alana Smith had some great shots for Filsket. The quarter ended 28-13.

The final quarter had strong defence from both teams, making it hard for the shooters to make space.  Great interceptions from Sally Sandison and quick passes up the court allowed Loungers to score a quick succession of goals.  Both teams were fighting for every ball.  Excellent feeds into the circle from Filsket’s Sonja Kurtz were finished with some lovely shots from the edge of the circle by Lisa Emslie. However, Loungers were able to hold out, and win the game 37-20.

Players of the match went to Kayti Jeromson for Filsket, and Sally Sandison for Loungers.