Loungers 38 V SFC Filsket 26

It was Loungers to take the first centre and they started strong, not long after the first whistle they conceded their first goal. Filsket were fast to react and started as they meant to go on, with tight defence and fast play over the whole court. Both teams maintained this energy but with Loungers getting a few interceptions throughout the quarter they gained the lead 10-6.

The second quarter started and Loungers got a fright when Filsket dominated play and were on every ball to try and gain back the lead. This quarter really was goal for goal and Loungers had to put up a good fight to stay in the game. With great shooting partnership between Loungers GA and GS they managed to stay in the game but just at a push, half time saw both teams neck in neck at 15 all.

The atmosphere on court was tense going into the third quarter. Both teams knew they had to up their game if they wanted to pull ahead. Loungers defence had their hands on every ball and managed to disrupt Filsket’s play well, converting interceptions into goals. Filsket were not ready to give up and kept powering through to get as many goals as possible. Loungers managed to pull ahead again and the third quarter ended 28-20.

It was the final quarter and all legs on court were tired but everyone gave a big push for the final 12 minutes. Filsket were working well up the court, with great defence linking all the way up the court to the shooters, who were barely missing a shot. They managed to break the goal difference for a period of time but Loungers kept their presence on court and didn’t give up until the final whistle went. Both teams had an amazing game and the final score was 38-26 to Loungers. Players of the match were Jennifer Thomson for Loungers and Kayti Jeromson for Filsket.