Loungers 39 V 41 Tulloch Tornadoes

In the first quarter Tulloch’s fast passing allowed them to rack up the first three goals quickly. Loungers started to settle with good movement in the centre court. Tight marking by Tulloch‘s defenders forced Loungers to pass out and around the circle. Loungers looked more confident as the quarter progressed. Both teams were even with the quarter ending 8-8. 

The second quarter started with goal to goal play, and fast passing by all players. Tullochs started linking well up the court with the shooters working well together. This, coupled with a few passes being intercepted by the Tulloch’s defence gave them a good run of goals. Loungers kept working hard, but Tullochs managed to gain the lead.  The quarter ended 20-15. 

Both teams played well together in the third quarter. Fast passing up the court made it challenging for the defence. Tulloch’s Claire Morris and Talia Leslie worked well around the circle to get the ball into the shooters despite the tight defence from Claire Johnson.  Loungers worked tirelessly, with super shooting from Kaitlin Leslie. However, Tullochs continued to edge ahead, with the quarter ending 32-26. 

The fourth quarter saw both teams determined. Incredible accuracy of shots from Tulloch‘s Emma Sandison gave them a run of goals and kept the Loungers defence working hard. Loungers kept fighting with a lovely interception from Jodie Walterson at goal keeper, and great passing up the court from Vicki Smith. Loungers were determined to tighten the goal difference and managed to bring it back within two, however, Tullochs managed to keep the quarter and win the game 41–39. Player of the match for Tulloch’s went to Emma Sandison and Kaitlin Leslie for Loungers.